Friday, March 12, 2010

A Corrine Sculpt by Adrie Stoete

I have a Corrine  doll by Adrie Stoete listed in my pre-owned soll shop. Please take a look at him. His name is Conrad...
Click on the tittle above to be taken directly to the listing.

My Bad

It has been way to long since I posted a new baby on my blog. I have been so busy creating new reborns, listing them on ebay, developing my Facebook Fan Page and website, I have ignored this blog.

I promise to do better!

I have also been listing babies in my pre-owned doll shop on ebay. If you have not gone there yet, please check it out: mommab-dolls is the ebay id for that shop.

A good friend of mine who is a major reborn doll collector had decided to reduce their collection for personal reasons. I have taken this amazing treasure trove of babies from some amazing artists (including some of mine as well) and have begun listing them in my shop.

Check back often as I will be listing my new creations as well as some of the pre-owned dolls as well.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sandy Faber's Marley Marie - Beautiful!

I have been waiting for this kit from Sandy Faber since January. When the kit finally arrived, I could not put it down. The result: Marley Marie, she is so sweet and I'm not sure if I really want to sell her. Only 300 of these sculpts were produced and it is the first kit doll Sandy Faber has created. She is known around the world for her play dolls. Take a look at Marley Marie...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This is something I don't usually do. This is a preview of a little guy that I have not listed yet. Take a look at Colin here: Preview

I don't think I will be listing him until next weekend so take a peek and give me some feedback.

Hugs to all,


Okay, here is another one! I was not going to list her just yet but I could not resist, she is sooo beautiful. She is a Morgan sculpt from Aleina Peterson and I named her Joanna.

Taks a look at all of her pics here: Joanna

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Most Recent Babies

Been really busy lately so here are two of my most recent reborn babies. This first on is a Evelina Wosnjuk Tabatha sculpt that I named Katleigh. She is so cute! Here is the link for Kayleigh Take a look at the full listing and let me know what you think of her.

Next is a Pat Moulton Tabatha doll. Here is the link for Leif He is a special little boy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

25% Off Everything On My Website!

Beatrice is a really cute Berenguer doll that you can grab for 25% off right now. She was listed originally at $399.95.

Go to Momma B's Nursery and use coupon code 25-Jul09 during checkout to receive the discount. Coupon is only valid till July 31st. The discount also applies to all of the reborn supplies on the site as well.

Beatrice is not listed on ebay so get her on my new site at this fantastic price.